Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

Lesson TypeGuy ShoesmithGreg Middleton
18 Hole Playing Lesson£150.00£150.00
30 min Chipping or Bunker Lesson£35.00£35.00
30 min Pitching Lesson (30+ yards)£35.00£35.00
30 min Putting Lesson£35.00£35.00
30 min Swing Lesson£35.00£35.00
4 Hole Playing Lesson£60.00£60.00
60 min Chipping or Bunker Lesson£60.00£60.00
60 min Pitching Lesson (30+ yards)£60.00£60.00
60 min Putting Lesson£60.00£60.00
60 min Swing Lesson£60.00£60.00
Performance Analysis£60.00£60.00
9 Hole Playing Lesson£85.00£85.00
Personalised Training Day£300.00£300.00
Personalised Training Half Day£175.00£175.00

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